For this new episode of the Tracklisting project, we are happy to welcome the belgium talent Emily Jeanne.

Dj and producer, she appeared on ANGLS Records alongside a host of industry heavyweights, including Surgeon & Oscar Mulero, Planetary Assault Systems and more – as well as the VOLTAGE Imprint & vurt compilations, make way for a larger outing Public By Default released last year via Svreca’s legendary Semantica imprint.

Emily shares with us today her 10 favorite current tracks.

1. Martina Bertoni – In Circles of Thoughts/Blue Ed. [Karlrecords]

2. Shifted – Natural Elevation [Upcoming on Avian]

3. PRG/M – Flutto Rovente [Sure Thing]

4. Bambounou – [Bambe]

5. Kosei Fukuda – 慈光 Jikou [Reiten]

6. Forest Drive West – Phosphenes (Wata Igarashi Remix) [Midgar]

7. Talismann – Intellyct Protector [Talismann]

8. Giesse – Goji [HomeMadeZucchero]

9. Varuna – Culex Sitiens [A Walking Contradiction] 

10. Kyoka – YESACLOUDui [raster-noton]