For MNMT 290, Sciahri invites us to his energizing blend of raw and experimental patterns, creating synergy of dance-floor styles and primal sound. From Italy, with Iranian roots, Sciahri is a DJ, producer and Co-Owner of both Sublunar Records and UNKNOT. His vision of experimentation in the harder-hitting corners of techno brings a vigorous sentiment to all his projects. Through his forward-thinking and raw styles, Sciahri has also worked alongside other labels of all styles in the past, notably Ilian Tape, Black Opal, Mord Records and Semantica – to name a few. Most recently, Sciahri released Seyl. EP under the label Envra. Full of drones, textures, and heavy kicks sprinkled throughout, “Seyl.” has a range of original ideas for any listener to explore.

With MNMT 290, Sciahri includes his primal instinct to create an introspective journey. Intense patterns and loops shared with heavy percussion causes the listener to sink into mental paralysis. At times becoming textural and atmospheric, Sciahri displays his calmer side to relieve the pressure. For the duration of the podcast, the bridge between experimentation and familiar sounds is built, offering insight into his unique take on dance-floor techno.

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