MNMT 289 welcomes D-Leria for an adrenalizing tour of mental patterns, warped sounds, and deep voids.

Established in 2014, D-Leria created his project to tackle new and innovative sound. Pushing the boundaries of mental, deep, and dense sound to bring to the dance-floor, his goal is to invoke adrenaline in the audience. Through his record label – Delirio – and his experience with others such as Avian, Semantica, and Camera Magmatica, D-Leria has worked alongside many artists including Stanislav Tolkachev,, and Svreca, to name a few.

With a personal style involving 2 turntables and various drum machines, D-Leria prefers to mix using a hybrid method. Step into his most recent mix of mental patterns, warped sounds, and deep voids for an adrenalizing tour of creative design. Including trippy highs that elevate boundaries and deep lows that tame senses, D-Leria brings an intoxicating dancefloor to the comfort of the listener.

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