Monument Records aims to tell a story, and every elaborate narrative deserves a proper introduction.

The Monument team is glad and proud to announce the very first release of its upcoming record label: Prologue EP

The four-tracker opening EP will introduce some of the different moods that the label will explore in the future, through a careful selection of tracks from four artists who are deeply connected to our community.

Opening things up with a blissful emerging ambient stroll by Shoal, the records’ A-side will then offer a highly organic & mental dub techno trip by Korridor. On the flip side will be featured more upbeat sounds, with a nature-infused, ethereal atmospheric techno journey by Claudio PRC, and a fast paced, elegant deep techno ride by Atomic moog.

Prologue EP will be released on April 16th, 2021, on 12″ black vinyl as well as digital. Snippets and pre-orders will be available very soon.