With great anticipation, Monument welcomes acclaimed artist Dasha Rush, who exports her immersive liveset – experienced at About Blank in the event series Ambientgarden. Shared alongside a line-up with Irakli and The Princess of Death, Dasha Rush navigates the audience in this dream-filled experience, creating a sequence to drown the listener through waves of melancholy, bliss, nostalgia, and tranquility.

From an extensive career, Dasha Rush has traversed through various projects and collaborations, piloting distinct livesets and DJ sets. Over the years, Dasha Rush developed immersive ambitions, pushing boundaries for Audio/Visual experiences such as Antarctic Takt, Dark Hearts of Space, and Territoires Éphémères. Though not always attached to a visual component, her sets are sure to encapsulate the listener, being the bridge between multiple senses.

Invited to some of Techno’s most intimate environments, Dasha Rush has turned the dancefloor into a place of experimentation. Raw, deep, engaging, and at times, improvised, she consistently offers an undefined flavor of sets from many of her projects, including co-projects such as LADA with Lars Hemmering and Attention Deficit Disorder with AnD.

In conscious thought, Dasha Rush shapes her liveset in an unforgettable experience.  With just an hour from Ambientgarden, the listener will be set adrift, pulled from their outer self to remain immersed in a dream of conflicting frequencies.


Picture of flowers in field with Ambient Garden text on top