To kick off the year with a bang and celebrate a positive 2021, we are more than delighted to welcome back Developer to MNMT 283 for a highly memorable podcast.

A staple of the Los Angeles techno scene since the early 1990s and exporter of some of techno’s finest forward-thinking productions, Adrian Sandoval, also known as Developer, has become an influential figure in underground techno communities for decades. Developer’s sound, explained as ever changing and stimulating, shapes the listener; directing them to appreciate innovative and thought-provoking elements. He has been described as “one of the most interesting techno mix masters” for his performance and quick mixing ability.

Beginning in 2009, Developer began releasing under his label Modularz – offering releases from some of the underground’s favorite producers such as Oscar Mulero, Takaaki Itoh, Exium, and Edit Select. With its massive catalog and diverse artists to compliment, Modularz remains a consistent favorite among avid techno enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

Looking forward to 2021, Developer is expected to host and produce highly anticipated projects on his label and others. Between the first few months, Developer Archive 12, Modularz 48, Modularz 49, and Olympian 15 will be released for an exciting start.

On MNMT 283, Developer invites us to his intoxicating take on the techno universe. Deep and energizing, his mixing style will offer momentum for any listener willing to boost their day. Whether it is a dance floor groove, or at-home experience, Developer includes a range of flavors through the hour that will leave an audience curious for what is to come.