Another solid year in the books!

All of us here at Monument would like to thank all of the artists who’ve sent us work to premiere this year. As a community, we are thriving at such an extraordinary rate – and that’s because we have the most talented Hypnotic artists of all calibers leading the pack.

These last 12 months we’ve seen some of the most talented artists grace our magazine with their artistic abilities. From the breathtaking cover pictures of photographers like Øyne.foto, Alexander Petsavas, and Chiara Previtali who have a keen sense of how to associate atmospheric tones with sharp natural visuals – To the prime examples of music from artists like Dino Sabatini, Luigi Tozzi, and natural/electronic.system., who have a strong understanding of what it means to be attentive to detail. The 2020 canvas is permeated with some of the most phenomenal works of art from all artistic avenues.

I am here to present to you the Top Premiere Highlights of the 2020 year. Our very own Paula Koski has curated a special mix consisting of all of the top premieres our magazine had to offer for 2020. She will be taking us on a journey, going over the span of 12 months, to close out the year for us music-wise:

MNMT Premiere Selection 2020 (mixed by Paula Koski)


Yukari Okamura – Grow (Doctrina Natura remix) [OSLATED]
Thorm – Reduntante Architecture (Feral Script) [INTERVISION]
Vanoni – Snake Dance [RITUALISM]
natural/electronic.system. – Pegaso [MIDGAR]
Zemög – Incantation (Claudio PRC remix) [DIFFERENT EXHIBITION]
Infinity – Terapija 2 [AARDEN RECORDS]
Biocym – Medusas Gaze [CIRCULAR LIMITED]
Luigi Tozzi – Satyr [NON SERIES]
Dino Sabatini – Pragmatica [NODE BARCELONA]
Tangram – Mortality Fades [SEMANTICA]
Dycide – Fluctuation [LOWLESS]
Laertes – The Immortal (Psyk Remix) [LYKOS RECORDS]
Svreca – Peels A Tangerine (Ulwhednar Remix) [SEMANTICA]
Synister (In) – Rb 2020 [OCCULTECH RECORDINGS]
Ness – Memento [LYKOS RECORDS]
Blazej Malinowski – Keeping The Distance [IMMORTAL ARCHIVES]
Forest On Stasys – Neon Portal (Claudio PRC remix) [DANZA NATIVA]
Aleja Sanchez – Inner Voices [NORTHALLSEN RECORDS]
Petite Astronaute – Somewhere But Not Here [BAHN BARCELONA]
Shoal – Taniwha [HARMONY REC]
The Alchemical Theory – Recluse [PHONO TROPISMI]
Orion – LIE (Primal Code Remix) [ORION]
Oora – Ostinato (ASC’s Grey Area Remix) [METAMORPH RECORDS]

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