“With the podcast I recorded for you- I listened back to my old mixes and think I found my way back to an old, purer form of Ntogn vibe than what I’ve been sharing over recent years.” – Ntogn

In the spirit of worldly traditions, we are more than thrilled to welcome back our old friend Ntogn. He is the man behind the iconic “Hypnus Records ”, and he has curated his 8th Midwinter mix to close out the 2020 year. This year’s mix is filled with a wonderful array of percussive bliss that’ll keep you on your toes as you reflect back throughout the year, before we turn the new page that is 2021. What better way to start off the countdown.

As a man who needs no introduction within the world of Hypnotic music, the Swedish born artist is know to create stories of a more adventurous nature. The consistent showcase of hypnotizing blends complimented with pulsing rhythms proves why he is considered a musical wizard.

If you are a fan of Ntogn’s work; We highly suggest that you explore his Patreon page where you could find some exclusive tutorial videos, quality downloads, view his blog, and gain access to everything he is/has been working on. Along with these, you’d also be able to purchase Hypnus music on discount, and check out his collaborative efforts with Dorisburg – New hardware and software being developed as well as new max Live devices.

Please sit back and enjoy!

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