2020 has been a tough year for all of us: Mentally, Physically, Financially, and Psychologically – Therefore it is important to appreciate everything and everyone you have close to you. Among all of the tragedy we’ve experienced this year, was the Beirut explosion.

On August 4th, a devastating explosion in Lebanon shocked the city of Beirut to it’s core. Over 200 lives were lost and 5,000 others were injured in the city’s northern Mediterranean Coast. Marwan Abboud, Beirut’s Governor, said as many as 300,000 more people had been made temporarily homeless and the city lost about $10-15 billion in damages. This moment in history will never be forgotten, but it has taught us how to love and how to heal.

Painting of Beirut – Vanessa Gemayel

After the smoke cleared, an overwhelming array of support has sprung from all walks of life to help aid those who have been directly affected by the explosion. One organization in specific has decided to help raise money and spirits through the power of music: System Revival Recordings who are actually based in Beirut, the affected city itself.

System Revival released 2 Compilations as fundraisers for the people of Beirut, all proceeds from the music goes directly to the injured, homeless and hungry families who are now living in survival mode.

“The amount of support for this project has been humbling and it’s a pleasure to release this mix of music from various artists from all over the world with the sole purpose of raising funds for people on the ground, day in day out, doing what they can to volunteer alongside local and international organizations to support the people who were and will be affected for a long time to come.” – Michael Feghali

System Revival’s “Beirut Will Rise Again” & “For Beirut, The End of Corruption” compilations both contain wonderful music from artists such as: Artefakt, Claudio PRC, Exos, Refracted, and Kangding Ray. Each track is perfectly woven with soothing and emotional tones to help heal and excite the incredible nation. This was all complete with the incredible mastering of Conor Dalton at Glowcast Mastering. Along with these 2 albums, System Revival will be collaborating with us on December 27th to bring you a Youtube/Facebook live stream named “Monument x System Revival present : Support Beirut” on the Monument Podcast Youtube Channel and the Monument Facebook Page. This stream will include 3 performances from Artefakt (Live ) – Nadia Struiwigh (Live) – and Charles Green. Once again, all proceeds of this live stream will go directly to those in need.

After a year filled with intense happenings, it is important that we all focus on the importance of giving during the holiday season. The power of music is a strength that has and will reign high throughout all obstacles and misfortunes. This is a time where love and support need to be given to all who’ve experienced such turmoil this year. Let us all shine a light on the city of Beirut and open our hearts to our fellow brother and sisters.

Please donate/support : https://systemrevivalrecordings.bandcamp.com/

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Artwork done by Conor Dalton

Artwork done by Conor Dalton

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Volunteer Circle



Artefakt (Live )

Nadia Struiwigh (Live)

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