For this episode of our MMNT Recordings, we are more than thrilled to welcome back Ness – this time with a recording of his stunning 1 hour set at Anecumene. Anecumene was an online radio event curated by the label A Strangely Isolated Place, the Spanish series of events Calma, the Korean-based label Oslated and Monument that took place on radio platform on November 13 – 15th. 47 unique artists joined forces to create an exciting and diverse lineup with more than 48 hours of non-stop broadcasting; including DJ-sets and live performances.

Ness, who has crafted a trademark sound with a strong focus on atmosphere combined with hypnotic rhythms for over a decade of music, took the listeners on a journey on his sound universe. In this mix, he premieres 5 tracks of the upcoming compilation ”The Gods Planet – X” that will be out on his own imprint on December 10th. The release marks the ten-year anniversary of the emblematic label The Gods Planet. A mixed version by Ness with all the tracks will be out on December 5th as a preview.

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