Berghain is as synonymous with techno as the 808 or 909. Not exactly groundbreaking news, that hallowed building has brought together ravers from across the club. Resident Fiedel began a Super Sound Tool series back late last year. The project aimed to manufacture perfectly executed records in 45 rpm. Designed with vinyl lovers in mind and made for big room sound systems; expertly mastered and held to the utmost quality. Already heading for its fourth instalment, the project has seen the likes of Mode_1, Espen Lauritzen and Janein. Super Sound Tool #4 features Amsterdam-based Juan Sanchez and London-based Vinicius Honorio, for two club floor-fillers on professionally pressed wax.

The A-side features the track Rude Requests by the former. The Format label boss has all hard paced ravers in mind with his punchy, acid stained track. The arpeggiated bassline is the driving force: swirling, manoeuvring, sizzling and ranging. A gurgling vocal pokes in and out, while droves of pulsating percussions and stabs are married with scintillating snares and cymbals.

Brazilian-born Vinicius Honorio’s Pode Crer is a more ghetto-infused, post-human, electro sludger. Featuring LeoDosReis, the gutter slapper has everything to get bodies moving. It’s quick vocals, breakbeat skips and rubbery synths give a densely bodied track with gurt. 

Each of these would fill big rooms in different paradigms. A testament to the series and would sound even better spinning on big sound systems. 

Preview Super Sound Tool 004 via Fiedel’s Soundcloud below.

Monument writer Lora Mateeva spoke with Fiedel about the creation of Super Sound Tool earlier this year. You can read the interview here.