Japanese native Maiko Okimoto, also known as Lemna, is a composer/producer based in Tochigi, Japan. She has been emerging as one of the most promising producers within left-field experimental techno in recent years. Her approach to music and live performances truly started to really catch people’s attention after her mesmerising debut live performance at Berlin Atonal in 2017. Maiko’s extensive background ranges from studying music production and sound engineering, to participating as an MC for D&B DJ’s in Tokyo. This experience that she has under her belt comes to fruition in her truly unique live sets.

As she meticulously explains, as Lemna ”I to find out the beautiful ratio to frame the moment of the constantly changing dynamic world and express it on a time axis, while hovering between regularity and irregularity, which is like order and chaos, artifact and nature, intellect and emotion, or conscious and subconscious. Always trying to find a balance in them, not to split them in a dualistic way.” She only performs live and all her live performances are composed newly-written music, causing each of her performances to be truly unique and fresh. We are truly honoured to share an example of such a performance with Lemna’s live set, at the Kaitaishinsho event, held at Contact Tokyo on 29th of November, 2019. Enjoy.

Lemna was also featured in our special on Emerging Producers from Japan. Read the article here. In terms of upcoming releases, she is scheduled to release one track called Moments In Eterenal Recurrence, as part of REITEN presents ENSō 2020, which will be released on July 24th.