There are few artists out there that have had a role in shaping contemporary deep techno as big as Semantica-founder Svreca. The Spanish artist is known for performing extended DJ sets that are able to encapsulate the potential of story-telling through deep, mind-bending sounds. We are truly honoured to share another example of such a set, with a recording of his performance at last year’s edition of the magnificent Paral·lel festival.

”It was a night to remember. In that moment i thought that there is no other place in this world, the whole universe that i’d rather be. Those 3hours were filled with pure emotions, happiness and harmonious music sounds. And we all danced with the stars in the sky. That night was a miracle, created by Svreca. While he was playing that night at Parallel i was felt that my heart is about to explode. It made realize that techno music is the best way to express my actions, feelings and even my words. When Svreca was playing I understood that his music is the language I wanna speak everyday of my life. And believe me, I do.” – Jogailė Len

It’s safe to say that Paral·lel festival and Svreca are a match made in heaven. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Emeline Lefebvre