Ribé is a Spanish techno producer who is a modular enthusiast who performs live sets. Previously releasing on Psyk’s Non Series, Ex Aequo and PoleGroup’s Sub-label AINE, Ribé now has produced an album of dark, warehouse-directed cuts on Boddika’s Nonplus label. Featuring a collaboration with Boddika and a remix from Shifted, Tested Signal delivers hard-hitting techno which would be a great addition to any DJ’s library. We spoke to him about ten tracks that he has found inspiring for his production process.

1- Oscar Mulero – Transparent Ray (Warm up)

I love how Oscar works with the stereo field and the levels. Sometimes you think it is something natural but there is a huge effort behind each sound. His tracks have the perfect balance between lineality and movement.

2- Mike Parker – Voiceprint: Voice 2 (Geophone)

Mike is one of my favorite artists ever. He has achieved his own sound during his long career, which is amazing. Minimal Techno on maximum level. You listen to one of his tracks and you immediately know that it’s a Mike Parker production. 

3 – Mod21 – Wormhole (Methodical)

Manuele’s music is so special for me. I love the sounds and patterns he uses and his music always make me think! Which is handy in these days haha.

4 – Michal Wolski – Chant (Nonplus)

With Michal, I feel something similar to Manuele’s music. I think he makes really smart music and I love his taste and production skills. Of course he is also one of my favourite producers right now.

5 – R²π – Strange Loop (Neel Remix) (UP003)

I really like how Neel works with the percussions, and the groove he puts in every track. As usual, I like the minimalistic way of work he does. But his tracks always sounds perfect and mental. 

6 – Aurora Halal – Eternal Blue (Wata Igarashi Remix) (Mutual dreaming)

I consider Wata Igarashi as an Arpeggiator magician! I love how he uses this tool to make melodies and evolving sounds. His tracks always making me excited!

7 – Ø [Phase] – Shadow Caster (Token)

What can I say about Phase? He has been always a big reference to me. I think he is really original, and I love the way he treats the sounds. He is always in my top list. I wish he will release more music again like some years ago…

8 – Jonas Kopp – Solar Maximus (Tremsix)

Jonas also is a big reference to me. I know I have lot of big references but it is what It is! I recently heard that he is in a kind of retirement of electronic music, which is a BIG pity as he always has gave back a lot of energy and knowledge to the scene. His tracks always sounds perfect to me.

9 – DVS1 – Ecks (Ostgut ton)

Zack has his own sound. Like Mike Parker, you only need to listen 4 seconds of the track to know is one of his works! I love this. He does some smart minimal Techno, with crazy basslines.  As with Phase, I wish he released more music, but I understand they are so busy on the road. But we want Zak to come back to the studio. He is a big influence for many people, but for me, is the best Dj in the world and one of the best producers. A perfect artist.

10 – Ribé – Variables (Shifted Remix)

When Alexander (Boddika) asked me which remixer I wanted for my first album, i said Shifted without any doubt. I love every track he does, the atmospheres he makes, and how his tracks sounds when you play them live!  I really enjoy when an artist express so much with so little. Love his grooves and the way he structure every track.

Tested Signal is available via Nonplus now.