vurt., Faust, Volnost – three clubs in Seoul’s underground scene have united to get through this difficult time. The ‘vfv club‘ project aims to deliver our positive energy by sharing what we have been doing, and what we are capable of doing, at this very moment.

Some say that the culture that we love may not go back to how it used to be. However, we have not lost our faith and hope, because you are there. You – the source of our hope, courage, and without whom we could not have cultivated this precious culture of ours, are still there.

Kicking off its first session on 5th-6th June, ‘vfv club’ will present 21 local artists’ versatile and unique sets via, in a video+audio streaming format. Your donation during the streaming will be delivered not just to the three clubs, but all the artists who are participating. We look forward to meeting you all on this virtual platform. 

You can attend Friday’s event here and Saturday’s event here