With much joy Monument is pleased to introduce the eccentric and multifaceted Dj Red to guide the way for this weeks deep and intimate Podcast number 257. Born and raised in Italy, Dj Red is a key figure of the Roman techno scene. As a resident of the iconic Goa Club and its notorious party Ultrabeat, her contribution has been essential to the development of Rome’s club culture. Her past two decades of experience, unique knowledge and obsession for music bridges the ability to deeply connect with her audiences, spanning to clubs like Berlin’s Berghain and Tresor. As a producer Dj Red’s style can depict that of the nature she plays. Intertwining dynamic rhythms, organic toanalities and aethereal soundscapes, which can be heard from her Most recent EP release on Adiel‘s own Danza Tribale label. The next two hours will guide you on a long, windy and mysterious trip, a setlist combined of sublime deep house, minimal to hypnotic techno and genres alike. Enjoy.