The electrifying emergence of Dutch, Berlin based DJ and producer Ruben Üvez Aka Konduku began its physical form with the well received LP “Kiran” back in 2018. The artist took the scene by absolute surprise as he instantly served up a finely developed sound palette of oddly rhythmic, bass orientated house and techno. Along with his debut album, he has since released 3 solid EP’s and another incredible LP “White Heron” making it his 5th occurrence on Rotterdams Nous’klaer Audio, while also contributing to Bristol based label, Idle Hands. His presence as a captivating DJ remains prominent in infamous Amsterdam clubs, De School and Radion, aswell as appearing in Berlins ://about blank, Tresor and a variety of other venues throughout Europe. Coming up you can expect an array of spellbinding rhythmica made perfect for the dance floor as Konduku takes the reins for MNMT 253.

As COVID-19 takes its course, our beloved clubs and festivals remain dormant. Although, we can be sure to look forward to the release of Nous’klaer Audio‘s “Paerels II“, were Konduku will feature on the platforms promising VA Compilation coming out at the end of May. Further, a release on Mantis, a new sub label of Delsin, Don’t Dj‘s DISK and a track in another compilation on Valentino Mora‘s own IDO.