Twisted, experimental sounds and ambient by O-Ma in the latest episode of our MNMT Recordings series. This time, we are thrilled to share a recording of O-Ma’s performance at Rural Festival, the Lake Stage. O-Ma is a producer and live artist based in Yanaka, Tokyo and associated with various labels such as Katharsis Recordings, UGFY Records and Otium. O-Ma has been involved with electronic music for many years now, after starting out as a Drum ‘n Bass DJ decades ago, he started to gravitate towards experimental, deep sounds during the last years. You might’ve remembered the name O-Ma from our Japanese Emerging Producers article, where we’ve highlighted him among other Japanese artists in the techno scene.

The Japanese artist will be releasing a new EP on Otium later this year, which will be a Rural Festival reshape EP, using many parts of the set.  Please sit back and enjoy the 1-hour recording of the stunning live set performed at Rural Festival.