Netherlands own Vand is up next to tame the wild minds belonging to the current time of unsettlement. Driven by infectious grooves. A warm blanket of deep cleansing sound may best describe the stunning contribution to this weeks MNMT podcast. Amsterdam based Dj and producer over the past year has gained immense experience playing a number of sublime gigs across Europe. Some more memorable moments where made behind the decks at Isotoop x Tikitas intimate Under the Desert stars and Berlins late Griessmuehle. Vands intricate productions have made it onto labels such as Nyame, Alpenglühen and SoHaSo in which he shares a mesmerising collaborative EP with Bas Dobellaer.

As of yesterday, Valian Kollektiv have released Part 1 of a beneficial VA compilation including a new track from Vand where the proceeds will go to a Mission Lifeline. You can check it out Here. We can also be expecting some new content from Vand and Bas in the near future.