“The Mirror is the worst judge of true beauty” – Sophia Nam

Artist: Polygonia

Release: Mirror Faces EP

Label: Kvltö Records

Release Date: January 27th, 2020

As human beings, we are prone to criticizing our own appearances, our own creations, and sometimes our own intentions. These mental and psychological explorations can either lead to a suffering guilt, or a stimulating eureka moment. Why could something as simple as gazing into a mirror be as stressful as a high stakes game of chess..

Those of you who aren’t familiar with the brilliance of Polygonia’s work, you’re in for a real treat. Listening to intelligent music is like breaking down a Pablo Picasso painting; every time you study the visual, it teaches you a different lesson. Some may even say that it awakens the voice inside you – The celestial voice that guides you through your troubles by forcing you to acknowledge them,

Track 1: Mirror Faces (Polygonia – Kvltö)

Polygonia’s 3-track project “Mirror Faces” is released under the Mexican recording label: Kvltö Records. They are a recently developed imprint who strives to push the realms of consciousness through the power of deeper forms of Hypnotic music. Polygonia speaks her language by using bright snappy percussive rhythms that are designed to speak mechanically, but are ultimately bred from a raw tribal family. They are the heart and soul of the entire project, the cornerstone of the story if you will.

Track 2: Ominous Fog (Polygonia – Kvltö)

Do you know how rare it is to listen to the same recording five times, and be able to take something special away from the story each and every time? It truly teaches your mind to obliterate the gap between visual storytelling and tonal invocation. Polygonia has a way with speaking to you one on one with her own special blend of sonic characters, like a psychologist digging deep into your mind with ease. Ominous Fog however, takes the perspective of a 3rd party entity while completely omitting it’s presence simultaneously. THAT ladies and lads is defined as artistic range, a paranormal encounter that affects you psychologically. But yet, you are not afraid.. Does this mean it’s all in your head? Are you going mad?

Track 3: Snapping Cycle (Polygonia – Kvltö)

This simple question has a bit of weight to it doesn’t it – The Terms of Madness. You see, we are all mad; we all think too much and expect personal perfection both physically and mentally. Maybe we do it to feed our ego? To impress that special person who makes you feel alive in the land of sorrow and death? We must embrace our madness; confront it and become one with it. It all begins with falling in love with that person in the mirror. Our madness makes us who we are, love and cherish your imperfections. At this very moment in time and space, you are exactly where you are suppose to be. Breath easy, the mirror never lies.