As many of you know, we have a recurring annual tradition with our good Swedish friend Ntogn, a mix coinciding with the yearly winter Solstice. Known for the mind behind the Hypnus imprint, Ntogn has been a important figure within the deep techno community. We were thrilled to have him perform his new live set at our first MNMT Festival earlier this year, as part of the Hypnus showcase.

There are many exciting things we can look forward to related to Ntogn and Hypnus: Tomorrow (December 22nd), he will be releasing an 8-track-album under a new pseudonym Aether Mechanics, released digitally only on a Hypnus sublabel. Besides this, another album has already been completed which will see the light of day in due time. He also has a track upcoming on the Chilaen Utch Records label, who are organising a compilation where the profit will go to support the people of Chile currently protesting against their government.

Stay tuned for more news regarding the Hypnus label itself, many good things can be expected, with mixes on the mix series ‘The Memoir’‘, the launch of another digital sublabel, and much more.

Please sit back, and enjoy yet another mesmerising mix by the Swedish artist.


01. VC-118A – Integrated Circuits
02. Multicast Dynamics – Intermission
03. VC-118A – Inside
04. Prince of Denmark – Mardou
05. Egal 3 – Petruce (Dub Mix)
06. Alex Do – Thud
07. Efdemin – Night Train
08. Cally – Ar No
09. Dorisburg – Stone Circle
10. Multicast Dynamics – Observation Deck
11. Kyntral – Curacion (Efraim’s Windwalker Mix)
12. Luigi Tozzi – Selene (Version)
13. Worg – Lupercus (Feral Interpretation)
14. Deepbass – Rails
15. P. Lopez & Octavio – Reaktions (Tobias. Remix)
16. Marco Shuttle – Spaziale
17. Jesper Dahlbäck & Nima Khak – Kittens Are Llamas
18. Lucy & Ercolino – Gmork
19. Vedomir  Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
20. Edit Select & Teste – Ascend (Claudio PRC Remix)
21. Ness – A Darkly Sunset in Barcelona
22. Ness – Girge (Ness Rework)
23. Acronym & Korridor – Sscending