Artist: Resonant Coil

Release: Layer of Dust

Label: Unità Psicofisica

Release date: 6 December 2019

“There is plenty of room at the bottom” – Richard Faynman (1959)

Computers were used to fill entire buildings with it’s bulky exterior designs, now we wear “super” computers on our wrists and keep them in our pockets. We literally possess all information, which was exposed AND created by individuals, within arms reach of our bodies at all times. What a world, what a life. Now this is all normal information, nothing new and nothing special – but as the digital warlord we call “Technology” rises to power, it still has a limitation: Being finite.

We live in an analog world, we walk on a floating bubble that posesses an infinite amount of foundations and natural elements. From colors to personalities, appearances to languages, musical tonalities to atmospherical characteristics. Each element presents itself in the most marvelous of ways. These foundations may be either noticeable or indiscirnable to our own senses, but Resonant Coil does an incredible job providing us with a demonstration of how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Unità Psicofisica is back with another big-time release, this time with Resonant Coil. Being one half of  “” and a strong believer of analog synthesis, you can already imagine what kind of sound you’re going to hear on the “Layer of Dust” collection. Layer of Dust is a presentation that shows respect to the warmth embrace of an analog-intensive way of storytelling. The 5-year project is also the first of Unità Psicofisica’s new digital catalog “Senza Confini“ which will expand the focalization of Techno, and send listeners on a 360 degree journey around the art of music itself.

When you start listening, the first thing you’ll notice is the incredible sound quality of this project. Excellent work by the mastering engineer: “Luigi Cicchella”. Every sound has the tendency to behave like live organisms, carrying minds of their own. The incredible attention to detail reminds me of the concept: Nanotechnology. While listening to Interstellar, Spice, & Black Carbon; Take a second to imagine an entire structure broken down into minuscule forms, like a skyscraper diminished to sand. These forms will then work as a catalyst to progress the life of it’s host. Many of these recordings work as entire engines for exquisite tonal textures.

Along with this presentation of brilliant sound design, something interesting happens as you continue to travel down the rabbit hole..

Throughout the journey you’ll start to realize that each of these instrumental organisms start to evolve! They gain personalities and develop bonding capabilities like infants learning how to walk and talk for the first time (obviously these infants are of a genius category). In Smokeless Powder, Particulate Matter, and Volcanic Ash, the entire sound as a whole seems to acquire a sense of BEing. This is a more avant guard approach because the contrast of the entire project occurs in the beginning of the record! Like an intelligent life form after being a born in a world it doesn’t understand.

But just like any form of life, it develops in its own way. It generally perceives the world around us from its own perspective without poisonous construct, and starts to expand it’s cognitive abilities around it. A primitive way to grow, but what a blissful lesson in freedom. This was a fine album birthed from the wonderful mind of Resonant Coil. Unità Psicofisica has proven once again that the art of storytelling is a rabbit hole worth exploring.