Romance and Influence often coincide with one another. One is considered a universal language, while the other complements the language through intonation & accenture.

As a creature of this planet, please ask yourself, what drives you to survive. They say that the two most powerful human emotions are love and hate. Both carry their own measures of unpredictability that can arguably be considered cerebrally unfathomable. These are some of life’s greatest mysteries, but one thing is for certain: You are definitely not in control. The sooner you start to truly understand that statement, the closer you’ll be to the source. In a hateful world corrupted by parasites and disease, why fight fire with fire…

Just like true forms of art, this world yearns for contrast. Lead your life with joy, happiness, and relentless enthusiasm. Be on the hunt for pure forms of ecstasy on a daily basis; because tonight the darkness will come, but tomorrow the sun will once again break through the horizon featuring an Orange personality.

Fugal – Bloom (Stilla Ton)

Fugal is a Korean-American Techno artist residing in Berlin, Germany. What separates him from others is his natural ability to speak the language of romance complete with a special dialect of nostalgia. As I’ve always stated, spoken words are extremely stifling and can be considered tedious. In Fugal’s recent 3-track EP release on Acronym’s Stilla Ton imprint, he does an excellent job articulating his voice in a tonal fashion.

All together, Orange doesn’t exactly tell a single story a linear sense, but it is a collection of tales with similar backstories that each develop in their own unique way. Orange is considered to be a very powerful color which combines the energy of Red, and the happiness of Yellow. The three of these hues synced together emit a feeling a warmth and joy, they all support one another and collectively agree to compromise in order to create something greater than themselves. No color is better than the rest, it is impossible to pick favorites because they all instinctually compliment each other.

It’s extremely hard to put these novelties into words, because Fugal focuses on the fellow feeling of nostalgia associated with the power of love and happiness. These recordings were not meant to be broken down with intricate detail, but embraced and studied from different perceptions.

As we get into the holiday season its imperative to lead with positivity, and it’s important to practice perseverance. With this release, Fugal has taught us that the language of romance is still being whispered through different dialects all around the world. And because of this, I consider Orange to be one of the most profound pieces of artistic expression released this year.