We are thrilled to present to you a special mix by the BleeD imprint founder; Volte-Face. The London-based producer, DJ and promoter is known as a key figure in London’s electronic music scene. Having organised many events in London focussing on experimental music, the Brit has always showcased a vision that focuses more on the deep and experimental side of things.

For MNMT 230, Casper has shared with us a special mix, which he has the following message to share about, to give the mix some context:

”It’s been on my mind for some time to make a ‘techno’ mix minus all kicks, percussion and the various other presumed prerequisites of the genre. For me, it’s just another carrier of information, like any other musical genre or art form. Having played several times at Klubnacht (2015-17), with all of the exhaustive preparations that go with it, I decided to look back over some of the more ‘unusual’ tracks I have played there, be it at the beginning/end of a peak-time set, during an extended opening or as an additional 3rd-deck layer to accompany more stomping fare. The result is a document of an especially intense period of my life and, without labouring the point, my headspace at the time of making the mix, during an extended creative downturn. I hope you’ll find the time to immerse yourself and enjoy the mix. Alone, together.”


Big Hard Excellent Fish – Imperfect List
Winx – Don’t Laugh (Acappella. Features throughout)
Chris Watson – Kittiwakes
Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy – Introduzione
Thanet – Out Of Orbit
Area Forty One – Orbiting
COH ft. Cosey Fanny Tutti – Inside
Thomas Koner – Permafrost
Multicast Dynamics – Wormhole
Daniel Avery – Slow Fade
Cornwallis – At The Disco
Henning Baer – System Test
Strategy – Public Voyeurs
Charles Clapaud – Ruptures
David Bowie – Sense Of Doubt
Skirt – Angracia
Mr V – Jus’ Dance (Acappella)
Blixa Bargeld – Dumpfe Stimmen (Somewhere Over The Rainbow)
Amon Tobin – Encounter on Io (Lee Gamble Remix)
Andy Stott – Submission
Alessandro Moreschi – Et Incarnatuas Est / Cucifixus
Else Marie Pade – Illustrationer : Himmelrummet
Suede – Sleeping Pills (Reprise)
P.I.L – Religion II
Aleksi Perala – Fluorescence
Outro (Aphex Toilet Break)