Artist: Subjected presents Pictures From The Aftermath

Release: Opera Scenes

Label: Intimate Silence

Release date: September 9 2019

German producer & DJ Subjected has deviated away from his usual no-nonsense techno (as heard on his Berlin-based label Vault Series) towards an ambient excursion , presented in a eight track album entitled Opera Series. Subjected has been an integral part of the Berlin techno scene for the past 10 years, with releases on his own labels Vault Series & Subjected System as well as ARTS & Stoor. Opera Series was released on Intimate Silence, an ambient label run by Silent-One whom Monument interviewed back in April this year. Subjected joins a label which already hosts a number of incredibly talented producers, including Kas:st, PVNV & Thomas Hessler.

Opera Scenes begins with Scene I (Unhuman Error) , an unsettling track which features metallic leads and eerie undertones. Subjected uses a dreary bassline to create an unsettling atmosphere, which is married with buzzing drones. This runs into Scene II (Fighting The Unconsciousness), which changes the tone to a more contemplative one. Shiny bleeps are at the forefront here, played over a dark bassline which becomes more drone-like throughout the course of the track.

Scene III(Odysee Of Hope) sees Subjected craft a fantastic arp progression which is glossy and bright. Atmospheric swells and calming tones play over a faint bassline. Odysee Of Hope clocks in at over eleven minutes, but this is completely necessary, as the progression of the track is fantastic.

Scene IV (No Man’s Land – Interlude) sees Subjected returning to the eerie territory previously heard at the beginning of the record. Poignant synth modulations are balanced with celestial tones which create a captivating sound palette. This plays perfectly into Scene V (Losing our Sense), the highlight of the record.

Subjected demonstrates his sound design capabilities in spades on Scene V, beginning with robotic bleep tones. Subjected then adds growling bass melodies which add tenacity to the track. Ethereal melodies come into the mix to round of the track, rounding it off and balancing grit and gracefulness perfectly.

Opera Scene VI (Ω Beginning Of Everything) moves the record to a slower pace, with a compelling bassline and dramatic synth melodies. Growling textures and drones are heard here, and as heard up until this point on the record, Subjected balances darkness and light masterfully.

Opera Scene VII (The Origin Of Life) has a completely different energy to anything heard before on the record. Emotional, bright and colourful, Subjected uses captivating harmonics to create an atmosphere of tranquility. The previously heard dark drone tones are still in the mix, but are now overshadowed by dazzling, euphoric melodies. Subjected draws the listener in and then brings the track to a crescendo before retreating back to its origin.

Opera Scene VII(Love Will Never End) rounds the record off in a fantastic manner. Drones are married with cinematic textures, atmospheric soundscapes and compelling synth tones. Scene VII may be a fantastic representation for the record as a whole, as it features all of the dynamics and elements that Subjected used over Opera Scenes.

Opera Scenes is Subjected’s first full length ambient record, and a fantastic one at that. The balance of darkness and light is wonderfully struck, with both sides represented fully without overpower the other. Subjected may be known among techno listeners for his dancefloor directed music, but make no mistake, he’s as compelling as an ambient producer as he is a techno one.