We are thrilled to present to you something different than our usual more techno-oriented mixes, namely a breathtaking ambient display by one of the prominent figures currently active in the ambient scene; Rafael Anton Irisarri. Based in New York City, Irisarri is known as composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, media artist and more.

The mix prepared for us serves as a clear insight into the American’s vision of ambient that is able to captivate many listeners from start until end. Enjoy.

Irisarri also has founded the mastering & mixing studio Black Knoll Studio. Recent mastering & mixing credits include: Telefon Tel Aviv, Loscil, Galcher Lustwerk, Eluvium, Teen Daze and Steve Hauschildt.

He recently released an album on the Room40 imprint called Solastalgia, which once again demonstrated the great talent he has, also as producer. The album is only available digitally as of now, due to the vinyl LP quickly selling out after the release.

0:00 Loscil – Equivalent 3
6:50  Warmth – Spherule
11:20 Unknown Artist – CD 3 Untitled Track 2
13:50 Stephan Mathieu – Small Melody
16:00 Lori Sacco – Strange Cities
23:30 Christina Vantzou – Sound House
24:20 Deaf Center – Hunted Twice
28:40 Rafael Anton Irisarri – Visible Through The Shroud
34:50 Grouper – Made of Air
37:40 Simon Scott – _Sealevel. 7
43:20 Markus Guentner – Refraction (with Julia Kent)
51:54 Clarice Jensen – BC (with Jóhann Jóhannsson)

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IG: @blackknoll
FB: rafaelantonirisarri