Often you hear the word ‘journey’ used to describe a set that tells a tale throughout it’s continuance. It has become somewhat of a cliché at this point, but sometimes you do come across a set that does carry the merit that is worthy of this description. Aaron J’s performance at Izvir – Formaviva is an example of such a performance. A three-hour-set that explored many facets that exist within the realms of the deeper side of techno. From mind-bending vibrations, to driving sounds that are vastly tempting to move one’s body to, Aaron once again showcased his great talent as a DJ with this set.

Izvir – Formaviva is a small scale festival held in the woods in northern Slovenia, where many individuals with a passion for techno gather and celebrate an annual special experience. We are thrilled to present to you the recording of Aaron’s set on the second night of the festival. Enjoy.

Aaron recently also launched his label Sure Thing, with an exceptional first EP including tracks by Simone Bauer and a remix by Refracted. The start of the label surely shows great promise for the future of it. Stay tuned for more on this.