It is with joy that we present to you a very special mix created by one of the prominent figures present in the New York techno scene; Antenes. Based in New York, but from Chicago, Antenes has been making her mark on techno scenes around the world, with various tours in Europe and Asia over the years. She has performed at illustrious clubs such as Berghain, De School, Tresor and Contact in Tokyo. As a producer she has also been leaving quite the impression, with releases on various highly acclaimed labels such as Silent Season, L.I.E.S., The Bunker New York and MORD.

For our podcast series Antenes decided to do something special, somewhat different than her other podcast mixes. The mix she prepared for us gives us an insight into her experience growing up, working and travelling through the rust belt area near the different state parks along Lake Michigan. During that time, she spent her time driving through the rust belt while listening to many forms of electronic music, appreciating the connection between the nature she witnessed as well as the connection it had with the music. The mix consists of both old and new tracks, and clearly exemplifies why Antenes is a very talented and experienced DJ who is capable of telling a coherent vibrant story through electronic music. Enjoy.


The American artist is set to perform at warehouse event in LA for the Incognito event series. Besides this, she will also be performing a 3-hour hybrid ambient set at NYC’s Sustain Release in September, various forthcoming B2B sets with Detroit’s Erika and an October tour returning to EU and Asia, also in preparation for the Ableton Loop 2020 Conference in Berlin.


Komet – Stop
Alka – Cargo Area D
Komet – Log
Pan Sonic – Sykkivä _Throbbing
Birds of Prey – Vessel
Huren – The Shroud
Layne – Love
Shao – Intro
Musik Aus Strom – B3
ASC – Arsenic Bite
Ron Morelli – The Sun Beats Stronger As Each Day Passes
Aleja Sanchez – Sanctus
Ersatz Olfolks – Legacy
Handahofi Tioni – Untitled A
Eexxppoann – xxp mmxv i
BLNDR – Wandering Soul
Bergsonist – Shocking Loss Of Empathy
Ontal – Deflection
Exium – The 12th Planet (Silent Servant Remix)
Factory Floor – 16-16-9-20-1-14-9-7
Hiro Kone – Don’t Drink The Water
Orphx – First Light
Ghost In The Machine – Terminus
Rrose – The Ends Of Weather

Thank you to all the artist

Dedicated to Indiana Dunes State Park

Photo credit: Seze Devres