A significant figure paving the way for Korea’s underground techno scene. Hailing from Seoul, we are pleased to present Unjin, for the 218th MNMT podcast. Over the past decade Unjin has held a residency at Vurt Club in Seoul, Hosted and curated underground parties among friends, as well as grace Korea with their very first techno imprint ‘ECI Korea‘. Pushing musical boundaries with a style evolving from back in the mid 90s. Starting out as a solo live ambient project ‘Rainjacket‘ to the globaly recognised release of the first techno album ‘Spiral Sequence‘ as duo ‘East Collective‘, followed by a well received solo concept album ‘Kids In Seoul‘ on his own imprint. Unjin fuses styles throughout his timeline from the deep, minimal, rythmic, ambient and textural perspectives. A true innovator for techno culture in Korea. Enjoy.

This weekend in Seoul, you can catch Unjin playing along side Suna, and Djilogue at Vurt on Friday. Saturday at the warehouse techno event called High-Tech Seoul by Mixmag Korea, and a closing set at the new underground club called Ain, the same night. Unjin just finished a 4 track ambient EP to be collaborated with visual artists on Mezibranská in Prague, and has Plans to release a techno EP on Oslated some time this year.