Tikita Records is a beacon for primal forms of electronic music. Residing in Morocco, their musical influences can only be described as guerrilla; unique, specific, consistent, and fundamentally substantial. This rarity in human AND musical history is dully noted.

We’ve recently had the chance to get to know the genius behind the record label: “Karim”, and picked his brain about his views on the current musical scene as well as the future of Tikita. We introduce Karim, and congratulate him for the 5 years of the existence of his recording label: “Tikita

1. Congratulations on your 5th year of existence! If you were to explain the tonality of your music to somebody who isn’t familiar with Tikita’s style, how would you go about explaining it. 

Thank you 🙂 the 5 years went so quickly! it has been a nice ride till now. It’s always hard to put music into words, but let’s say that Tikita is focusing on music for the Body & Mind.

2. What are some changes you’ve experienced within your own career from the start until now. 

The main change I see is the role internet is playing in today’s scene, of course every new technology brings some good and bad points, I tried to get the most of it, it made me discover great music and also made the contact with the artists possible as I am not someone who go out often to clubs.

3. Can you talk about the nature of the music scene in Morocco? 

The music scene in Morocco is very promising, it’s still  young but a lot of excitement is sensed which is the case in a couple of emerging scenes. Last 5 years saw a rise of big festivals during summer, which is new and a great opportunity for young people to discover what is like to experiment a festival locally. 

I’m confident that in the future we will see a couple of interesting Moroccan artists and labels who will get international attention, which is already the case for some of them who are serious into it. Also some Promoters are doing a great job, like Paradox I played for them this weekend and it was very well organized with a great crowd.

4. Your record label has collaborations with some of the most avant- guard artists in the world today. Can you describe the theme you’re  developing within your Tikita imprint? 

I am happy that Tikita’s artists are perceived as avant-guard. I’m a big fan of all of them, and it’s a big honor for me to have them on board, especially doing this from Morocco.
I like elegant music, and the main goal for me is to try to put out a catalogue that resists the test of time. We will see in few years if we succeed in this 🙂 

5. What excites you the most about your collaboration with Isotoop this September, care to explain the vision behind this event?

One of the great things about Morocco is that we have a lot of beautiful and diverse nature spots , as we try to keep Tikita’s sound very organic, a strong link can found by connecting this music with our local beautiful landscapes. So when our friends at Isotoop showed their interest into this vision of consuming electronic music, I was very happy to join my efforts with them to propose something new. Morocco is between 1 and 3 hours flight from most of the european countries and it’s still Africa.

I’m excited to see the artists we booked perform in a context that fits very well our sound! Most of them were very inspired by the pictures of the location we sent them and want to prepare something special for this special location. Also it’s one of the best places for stargazing as it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s 40 minutes away from Marrakech in the desert and I am really looking for the performances of artists like Mohammad reza Mortazavi, The Transendence Orchestra, and Jane fitz among others. If you like being lost in percussions under a desert stars, you will be well served!

6. Recently, you’ve been promoting the release of some long lost tracks from the Japanese legend “Ko-Ta” in an album titled “Study for Stratosphere” – Many people were ecstatic about this release. I’d love to know, because of Ko-Ta’s blissfully conceptual creative style, how has his music inspired you personally. 

I might be the biggest fan of Ko-Ta 🙂 Everything started after discovering his unique sound, I was so stunned whith what I heard that it changed completely my vision of how you can sound elegant, organic, groovy and endless while still keeping the mind locked. I am really honored to have him among Tikita’s artists.

7. The word Tikita has a deeply rooted meaning residing around a highted sense of spirituality and influence. What is your reasoning behind choosing this name “Tikita” for your label. 

Well it’s also a moroccan word to say Label, it’s as simple as that 🙂 also I like how it sound

8. What are your future plans for the label, the potential your imprint possesses is nothing less than extravagant! 

Haha Thank you ! Next one will be a fantastic ep from my friends natural/electronic.system. who plays a key role in Tikita.

MNMT 217: Karim