Artist: Hypallage Project And Potomac

Release: Avant-Propos 01

Label: Avant-Propos Records

Release date: 31 May 2019

Hypallage Project and Potomac are a pair of producers and DJs with a residency at Spazio Tempo in Paris where they are known for delivering six-hour long ambient and experimental sets playing alongside the likes of Acronym, Milton Bradley, Dasha Rush and Marco Shuttle, to name a few. Hypallage Project has one previous release on SUB Records, while Potomac has a release on Arts. This inaugural release displays the pair’s ability to provide a deep and transcendental musical experience through ambient and downtempo soundscapes.

Hypallage Project begins the record with Adage. Perilous tones create a tense atmosphere before being joined by a methodical thumping , sparse, kick drum pattern. Resonant percussion sets the tempo of Adage, having a likeness to the eerie soundscapes and rhythmic structures of trip-hop icons Portishead or Massive Attack. Enticing pads brings Adage together, with Hypallage Project’s minimalist approach to sound design setting the tempo of Avant-Propos 01.

You moves the record to a more intense place. Dark modulations and melancholic accents are joined by gritty soundscapes. A pronounced, double-down kick drum pattern adds a sense of ferocity to You which Hypallage Project cleverly interjects in certain parts of the track. The juxtaposition of cold, bleak melodies and the frenetic drum pattern works wonderfully here.

Potomac’s Phosphore has a more rounded overall sound, with crisp percussive elements hanging over blissful pads. Shrill tones are balanced delicately with a slow, driving kick drum moving Phosphore along. Melodically, Potomac’s compositions are reminiscent of Artefakt’s Far And Wide EP , elegantly pensive and adroitly calculated.

Eloa closes out Avant-Propos 01. Akin to the experimental work of Amon Tobin or Autchre, Potomac uses swirling melodies, mechanical accents and discordant tones to create an ethereal soundscape which is as undulating euphoric as it is eerily disconcerting.

Avant-Propos 01 is not a record for everyone. Hypallage Project & Potomac have contributed two very different tracks each, which make the record enjoyable for its versatility. Those who gravitate towards sparse, clinical beats and appreciate experimentalism will find this a breath of fresh air. The respective producers’ styles are very different, but compliment one another wonderfully. We’re looking forward to what the future holds in store for Avant-Propos Records.