“It may be that when we no longer know which way to go that we have come to our real journey. The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one that sings.”Wendell Berry

The human mind is the most robust enigma on this planet, and yet, most of our species possess the capability of only using 10% of it’s power. Lindsey Herbert challenges you to dig deeper into your subconscious with her debut EP: “Eine Reise Durch Den Geist” released on Ascetic Limited.

Lindsey Herbert is no stranger to the wonderful world of Techno. The Los Angeles native has been on a torrential rampage pushing some of the hardest hitting bass-lines at various environments from the United States, to multiple countries all over Europe. Her 3 track EP includes 2 of her own original recordings: Eine Reise Durch Den Geist and Zyklus, as well as a remix of Zyklus created by Motionen.

This journey of the mind starts with the bellowing rhythm of Eine Reise Durch Den Geist. Her customary ability to sound stack is well endowed within this opening sequence. Those rolling percussion tones give off a feeling of perseverance, pushing the absolute need to overcome the ever fluctuating dark crevices of the mind. A wonderful entrance to a tonal indulgence!

Just like every great story, a force of resistance must be prevalent amongst the rise of a hero (the mind). The second track Zyklus hooks the listener in with the power of a rigid groove complete with a heavy kick. A constant state of wonder is what drives this track to the very end. Combative yet timid, aggressive yet soothing; Zyklus represents the struggle of repressed memories while embracing the inevitably of progression. As human beings, we all have a story.. We all have had something we’ve struggled with on a deep subconscious level that has eaten away and tested our weary souls, but the will to live is in our primitive nature. This recording can represent many things, something to contemplate over a personal spiritual journey.

Now the bar has obviously been set at this point of the project, but this is when Motionen comes into the picture giving their own meaning to a spiritual journey through the subconscious mind. Their remix to Zyklus carries a MEAN atmosphere that mumbles in the distance, and shows respect to the spacing of the kick and bass. Power, Motionen’s interpretation provides absolute power that capitalizes on the darkness that fluctuations within all of us. The recording is complete with an abrupt ending that acts as an exclamation point to a journey that will always be remembered.

This release has a very powerful meaning. The human mind is a muscle; just like a trip to the gym, your mind needs to be trained consistently through different forms of enlightenment. Lindsey Herbert and Motionen have created an intelligent way to tell the tale of a journey through your thoughts, your life, and most importantly – Your mind.