Artist: Radio Slave

Release: Ground Control / Last Communication

Label: Stranger In The Night

Release Date: May 5th, 2019

Matt Edwards has launched a new label, Stranger In The Night. The Rekids offshoot will feature regular releases from four artists: Radio Slave, King Britt, Anthony Rother & Fred P, who will drop their releases over the next year. “With Rekids being 100% focused on releasing music for dance floors I felt the need to create a new platform to explore a wider musical vision, and invite some of my all-time electronic musical heroes to be a part of the series,” says Edwards. Ground Control / Last Communication is Radio Slave’s first release since 2017. Both tracks reach the twelve minute mark but portray a very different aesthetic.

Ground Control sees Radio Slave adopt a Detroit techno hi-tech soul vibe, with a bouncy kick being driven forward by a groovy bassline. Emotive strings bring the track to a peak, reminiscent of some of the greats of Detroit gone by. Radio Slave balances inviting grooves with moving melodies and an occasional icy chord stab wonderfully here. A must have for any Detroit techno aficionado.

Last Communicaton sees Radio Slave exhibit a more morose, somber side to his productions. An eloquent melody is the focal point of the piece, with stirring strings creating a cinematic number that is as sententious as it is profound. Radio Slave uses sparse rhythmic elements on Last Communication, allowing the meticulously crafted melodies to take the spotlight.

Radio Slave’s first record since 2017 on his new label Stranger In The Night sees him take a change in direction to what he’s known for. The standard of quality expected from a prolific producer of his stature is exceeded on Ground Control / Last Communication. The choice of the two tracks for this record was a brilliant one by Radio Slave; reminiscent of seeing two paintings from different eras side by side in an art gallery. They couldn’t be more different and because of this, you can appreciate how individually wonderful they both are.