Artist: Blazej Malinowski

Release:Entity EP


Release date: 15th April 

Blazej Malinowski returns on Semantica Records, with a magnificent solo EP titled Entity [Semantica 106].

The involvement of the Polish producer with the label started with Disteso, track co-produced with friend Claudio PRC and out on the Italian artist’s LP Volumi Dinamici [SEMANTICA87], a deep textured journey into signature’s atmospheric realms.

On Volumi Dinamici Extended [SEMANTICA 87X] we then found a collaboration between the artist and label’s boss Svreca, remixing track Segmento by PRC: an ethereal immersion in a parallel world, imaginary sea sparkle illuminating the path. 

The same year came Utopia, part of the Various Artists out in November 2017. Floating over the Arquitectura del sueño (title of the VA, [SEMANTICA101]), the track showed Malinowski’s delicate yet powerful take on the album concept, proving his very own knowledge of trippy techno.

That parallel, architectural world is the one of Semantica: a musical study of meaning, investigation of the deepest expressions of atmospheric, hypnotic, mesmerising techno. In that universe, Malinowski is welcome again, and so is the power and precision of his productions.

His Entity is all about balance, between haunted darkness and delicate lights, positive psychedelia and broken beats, danceable techno and ambient explorations. That’s perhaps why it comes, once again, on the right label. 

A tense and cinematic atmosphere permeates the whole EP, standing somewhere between terrestrial and extra-terrestrial: a feeling that the dance-floor can give you, at times.  

The release opens with track Entity, where dark and percussive sounds create a ritualistic haunting atmosphere, a fascinating uneasiness. Building a sonic limbo where everything is slowed down and deeply carved, the track is about structure and tightness, served by irresistible broken drums. 

ADD comes up next, taking the listener to the dance-floor: it’s a dark and foggy one, but it can be open air too. There is as much precision guided by the pounding kick drum, as there is lightness in the psychedelic dance that follows. Jarring atmospheres make you crave discomfort and long for a disconcerting feeling of body and mind suspension. 

Coming back to a darker haven, In Reverse shows what Malinowski knows best. Setting the mood for the crowd, he draws them in with pulsating sounds, to then take them into a cosmic trip through the shadows, occasionally illuminated by some bleeping here and there.

vurt. is a hypnotic and mesmerising work. Beautiful yet perhaps more expected path for the artist’s atmospheric investigation, it opens up to dreamy soundscapes, after carefully painting another shade of darkness. 

Annihilation closes the EP, bringing that haunted atmosphere back, and even more gloomy this time: it’s an ambient cut defined by dramatic ancestral tones, leaving the door open for something yet to come.

Hoping that it could be Blazej’s next release on Semantica, we instead settle for Entity. For now.

Listen to snippets of Entity here:

(picture by John Silliman)