Artist: Glós 

Release: Twenty-Three Stabs 

Label: Non-Print

Release Date:  23rd February 2019 

Father time has the potential to heal a torpid rose through the ferocity of an organic phenomenon. With the support of Mother Nature’s protection, the steady flow of the hour glass continues to trickle with purpose.


Glós has a way of turning these visions into a reality – his recordings are like miraculous instances within the grains of time. His work can easily be compared to the solace of long dark tunnels, with very brief moments of interjection. Let it remind you that light will always shine through the various altercations of life.


We’ve reviewed Glós’ Twenty-Three Stabs, an experience released on the Non-Print [Berlin] imprint which focuses on the romantic cycles of life. The vision starts out slow and calm with brief dialogues of a woman welcoming the listener home. It portrays a feeling of excitement, accomplishment, civil yet conflicted by the standards of this shared habitat.


Inhale: The build-up promotes a peaceful core, a safe space if you will – like the beginning of a new relationship. As this dwelling consistently flips through the stages of peace, comfortability, and wonder; confrontation starts to blend into the story.

Peak: At it’s peak, the vision’s source of confrontation transitions into a whirlwind of conflict. The conflict is definitely prominent and overpowering, but it is welcomed:

“Accept your dark side, understanding it will help you to move with the light. Knowing both sides of our souls, help us all to move forward in life and to understand that, perfection doesn’t exist.”
― Martin R. Lemieux

This magical moment represents the philosophy: Yin & Yang – If positivity exists, there will always be a polar opposite, negativity.
Relationships aren’t considered a walk in the park, adversity will appear as the sand drains from the hour glass of Father Time.

Exhale: In the “exhale” of the recording, the journey slowly comes to an end as the conflict begins to dissipate. The dwelling sticks around for a short period of time and eventually also fades out, but the core image of the experience still promotes itself as a safe space..


An evolving safe space that is now older and wiser, but somewhat weathered. The familiar voice of a woman returns as the outro continues to digress. You are now back home, you’ll never be the same, but you are most definitely home.

Stories are all about perception: Twenty-Three Stabs is a vision that portrays the life cycle of your most memorable relationship. Being in love is a shocking experience, it’s capable of bringing even the toughest being to their knees –  Glós captures that moment beautifully.