Did you know that Monument was founded six years ago in Oslo, Norway? And for all these years, it has been our dream to arrange a techno festival for Monument’s worldwide community.

Between June 7th and 9th 2019, Monument will gather techno lovers for an intimate and magical, three-day festival in the beautiful warm forests right outside Oslo. We have found the perfect spot for our festival debut, and we know the combination of techno and nature will be absolutely supreme.

Monument’s Oslo team, now consisting of 15 big-hearted enthusiasts of techno are eager to invite you all here. We are so proud we have found the courage to make this happen – like, really happen!

Techno has proven itself to bridge the gap between gender, age, sexual preference, geographical location and financial structure. We want to meet our beautiful community face-to-face, and share this experience together during Norway’s best season.

We have invited these fantastic artists to play for us, and more confirmed artists will be released soon. We are proud to present:

Jane Fitz
Ben Buitendijk
Hydrangea (live)
Wanderwelle (live)
Isorinne (live)
9beats (live)
Jerome Winters
Paula Koski
VBC [Vibrance]

The tickets have just been launched, and they are already being sold quickly. If you are intrigued, please visit our festival page, read some more about our festival – and get yourself a ticket! There are only 450 available in total. You can read more on: