For this weeks MNMT podcast we give a warm welcome to Eyvind Blix. The Swedish Producer more known for his regular appearances on the South Korean label ‘Oslated’, makes his mark churning out Live and Dj sets throughout clubs in Stockholm, more recently at parties Innan Gryningen and Ace of Cups. With a textural pallet of swirling atmospheres and a pulse of unworldly deep hypnotic sound, Eyvind’s unique style carries him across boarders with upcoming gigs at wonderfully curated Deep x Heights at Der Weiße Hase in Berlin and intimate French festival La Vallée Électrique, where he will share his live performance later on in the year. For the next hour Eyvind brings a selection which pushes the darker realms of hypnotic techno, harnessing a heavy 4×4, rolling polyrhythms and in between, deep frequencies that complement his sound down to a T.

For now, we hope you enjoy our latest instalment with, Eyvind Blix.