For our 200th anniversary of the Monument podcast we have decided to invite back the artist who made the very first contribution to our Monument podcast; Korpex, also known as Kai Schlüter. Kai  was born and raised in Berlin and is vastly experienced when it comes to DJing, having begun spinning records in the 90s. In 2005 he made a move to Norway in search of new inspiration, but since recently he has returned to Berlin and that is where is based as of today.

A special message from Kai, as he has been part of the Monument community from the beginning and would like to share some words:

When I did the first episode of the MNMT podcast series, I didn’t expect how it would evolve. Now, 200 episodes and 6 years later I’m very proud and impressed how MNMT has grown since, and what it means to all of the many listeners from all around the world. It is not just any podcast anymore. MNMT has always given both newcomers and long-established artists a platform that has always been close to the listeners and music lovers. Everybody involved have worked with a lot of passion to make this platform to what it is today. With the 200th episode, I would like to continue this beautiful journey, and have tried to weave together the different pieces into one continuous trippy track.
In this spirit, for Monument: keep up your lovely work, and to all listeners: have a nice trip.