What could be a better way to start the year with, than mesmerising music by talented artists? Give another play for all MNMT premieres of January, all combined for you in this post.

Kalawila – Dadaab (Yuka Remix)

@Kalawila releases an EP on his Mountain Explosion Device imprint. The Lönnmördare fick betalt i frimärken is a three-tracker, out of which Monument premieres @Yuka‘s remix of track Dadaab.

Glós – Silk (Figurine)

German @IntimateSilence imprint releases a V/A including ambient cuts by Pär Grindvik, Głós, Kas:st, PVNV, Thomas Hessler and the label head Silent-One. Monument premieres the releases soothing closing track by @GlosOfficial. Monument has also listed Głós as one of the most interesting upcoming producers based in Germany.

Alfred Czital – Lippa

For its second release, Prague’s @Harmony-Rec showcases its co-founder’s music with a mesmerizing 5-tracker EP including two original pieces, two beautiful remixes from Primal Code and Birds ov Paradise, plus an ambient mix from Al @fred-Czital himself.

Dj Datch – Atlantis (Andrea Cossu Remix)

Swiss @NoWayRec releases an EP by DJ @Datch showcasing the label’s new, hypnotic direction. Monument premieres the release’s name track, remixed by Datch’s fellow-Italian @AndreaCossuMusic.

Eyvind Blix – In A Safe Place

The Korean label @Oslated releases its third compilation album featuring tracks for example from artists like Bmbmnd, Massa, Xyleme, Skoll and Stigr. Monument premieres a track by Swedish @Eyvind-Blix, who also released his debut album “Västberga Allé” on Oslated in 2018.

Lunatik & OPL – Candlelight

Italian imprint @AbsoluteRecords releases a Kataka EP by Lunatik (@Lunatik-99418848) and OPL (@outpostlive).

Svreca – FRUE

Svreca is back on his @SemanticaRecords imprint with four dark and textured cuts, of which Monument premieres track FRUE.

Atypikal – Thyamis

The newly-founded imprint @Koslif, a sub-label of Greek ambient label @CosmicLeaf, presents its first release. The Koslif Vol. 1 features three deep techno tracks that define the sound of the new label. Monument also reviewed the label’s first release.

Spanish @CircularLimited releases an EP by Norite-label head @ForeignMaterial. Monument premieres the closing track “Nyx” of Theophaneia EP.

Mechanist & NFEREE – Keras (Vicky Zissou Remix)

Recently founded label DYFR is back with its second release, names as The Agios | Keras EP by Mechanist (@mechanist_dyfr) and @Nferee. The release includes two original tracks and two remixes, of which Monument premieres “Keras” by @Vicky-Zissou.

Newly-founded label @CulturalCorner celebrates its first release from the founder Paolo Bianco aka Unclear (@Unclear000). Monument premieres @DoctrinaNatura‘s acid-infused remix of track Down The Wall from Time to Wait EP.

Martin Goodwin & Infinity – Tracking

The Macedonian label Alexandar (@alexandarsound) releases a collaboration EP by @MartinGoodwin and Infinity (@Inf001).

Luigi Tozzi – Black Market

After releasing on labels like Hypnus Records and Outis Music, @LuigiTozzi debuts on Spanish Non Series imprint with his new EP Tender Is The Night.

MTRL – Sikha

Satoru, MTRL’s EP was be released on January 30th via Lowless Music. Monument picked Shikha, the closing track of the release.

Dorisburg – Rytm804

For its 8th release, Bossmusik welcomes back its long time-contributor Dorisburg. Our pick from the two-tracker EP is ‘Rytm804’, with its spacey and percussive drumming paired with lamenting bells and emotive harmonies. Sonic landscapes that evoke feelings of futuristic seances and interstellar shamanism.

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