Artist: Luigi Tozzi

Release: Tender Is The Night

Label: Non

Release date: 08 February 2018

Luigi Tozzi has quickly risen to become one of the most sought after producers in the deep techno scene, with releases on labels such as the Swedish deep techno powerhouse Hypnus Records & Dino Sabatini‘s Outis Music.The Italian producer’s 2017 release Binary Sunset, set him aside from the pack of emerging techno producers; highlighting his ability to create compelling, transformative techno that moves your mind and your body. His latest effort for Manuel Anós‘ Non Series shows the producer continue where he left off in 2018.

Tender Is The Night begins with Allergic. An eerie mood is set by dark, mysterious tones. A bouncing kick and some hi-hats set the tempo, with resonating polyrhythms adding depth to the beat structure. A subtle, deep melody sits under the rhythmic elements, enhancing the texture of the piece. Tozzi adds a well-placed repeating melody at the high point of Allergic; which, when accompanied by some additional percussive elements, strike a wonderful balance of deep and danceable techno.

Eos moves Tender Is The Night toward the floor, with fluttering hi-hats increasing the tempo. Panning psychedelic tones add to the transformative tone of the track, with Tozzi showing off his ability as a talented sound designer. As with Allergic, Eos progresses as a track over time. Hypnotic rhythms gather momentum with reiteration over a bouncing kick drum, with Tozzi displaying his take on psychedelic techno.

Tender Is The Night exhibits Luigi Tozzi’s finest qualities as a producer. Mesmerising melodies prowl at the forefront of the track, slowly gaining velocity. Emotive swells in the distance set a somber tone. The tones on Tender Is The Night are soothing, while remaining suitable for a dance-floor. Tozzi succeeds in creating techno that lulls the listener into a dream-like state here. Subtlety is the key to this style, and is visible distinctly here. Tender Is The Night encaptivates Luigi Tozzi’s sound as a producer.

Black Market ends the EP on a darker tone. Tighter, more technical sounds are used here, with mechanical melodies creating a more dance-floor directed sound palette. Black Market has psychedelic undertones to it, with a dark, driving undercurrent. The darker melodies are placed over a light rhythm section which bounces rather than thumps, a welcome change to the normality of techno composition. Black Market ends Tender Is The Night with well-crafted sound design and some well structured rhythms; a quality that is true to each track on the EP.

Luigi Tozzi‘s latest EP for Non Series shows him doing what he does best. Tender Is The Night is a great psychedelic and deep techno record, with all the tracks being interchangeable for home-listening or DJ sets. Tozzi’s ability to create transformative techno is on display all over this EP. Few producers are as consistent as Luigi Tozzi has been since his introduction to the techno scene, and this record is no exception.