Artist: Various Artists

Release: Koslif, Vol. 1

Label: Koslif

Release date: 1st February 2019

Koslif is a deep techno label based in Athens, Greece. The label’s debut, Koslif Vol. 1, sees three artists efforts brought forward for a phenomenal debut. Bias, Atypikal & Side Liner  all offer tracks that strike a wonderful balance between deeply textured, subtle artistic pieces and accessible dance-floor ready DJ tools.



Bias sets the pace of Koslif Vol. 1 with River Blood. A thumping straight forward kick drum sets the pace, complimented by echoed capricious percussion and an expanding swell. Textures are further enhanced with distant melodies seamlessly blending into the mix, accompanied by a bouncing polyrhythmic kick. Bias creates an ethereal soundscape which is complimented by a dance-floor ready beat which makes the track suitable not only for home listening but also a useful number to have in any DJ’s library when looking to create an atmosphere.



Atypikal moves the EP to a darker place on Thyamis; a thumping, stripped back track with psychedelic undertones. Atypikal’s production here shows a likeness to a more straight-forward techno Akkord. An acid melody that pans from left to right repetitively is placed on top of some deep, well structured percussion. The acid melodies are subdued until being released to add magnitude to the track. Floating swells add an airy tone to Thyamis, with Atypikal building more and more upon the framework laid down at the beginning. The track works very well as a late night stepper, and displays Atypikal’s ability to create dark tracks that are not overwhelming.



Side Liner wraps up Koslif Vol. 1 with A Dot In Noise, the highlight of the EP. A Dot In Noise oozes sophistication, with melancholy melodies drawing focus over a churning beat. A driving bassline moves the track forward, with beautifully cutting tones taking the focus over a wonderfully crafted sound palette. Side Liner’s sound design ability is displayed in spades here, with bridges from one section to the next executed with discerning grace and expertise. The downtempo atmosphere of the track makes it the perfect choice to close off the EP, and ends Koslif Vol. 1 on a colossal high.



Koslif. Vol 1 clocks in at under 22 minutes in total, but proves that quality is definitely preferable to quantity. The debut EP shows three new producers exhibit three different facets of the deep techno sound, which simultaneously are all suitable for the dance-floor and for home listening. The record takes direction from ambient techno with soundscapes and textures being paid close attention to. Rhythmic structure is also an important factor, with comparisons to artists on Ilian Tape like Skee Mask or The Zenker Brothers and Houndstooth‘s Akkord being made. Koslif are one to watch for the future; 2019 may be a big year for the Greek label.

Photo by Tom Grimbert on Unsplash