For edition 195 of the MNMT Podcast we present to you; F-on, also known as Alfonso Pomeda. The Madrid-based artist is known for his meticulously curated DJ-sets, where he blends an abundance of profound music, ranging from ambient to dubby and deep techno. Alfonso has been a prominent figure in the Madrid electronic music scene for many years. In 2013 he opened the record store Space is the place, which is located in Madrid’s city centre and has a large selection of music based mainly in house, techno, jazz and ambient. In 2017 he merged ‘Space is the place’ with the second hand record store ‘Recycled’ to form the currently open Palma3

The vastly experienced DJ has also been organising the Alpenglühen events in Madrid for the past 4 years, which is based on the style that Alfonso is known for, namely electronica, ambient, and dub techno. Alpenglühen is a German word which conveys an optical phenomenon in which the last light ray on the mountain falls before nightfall. It is called that because the music falls somewhere in between bright and dark sounds. All the sets played at these events are recorded and can be listened to here. Since recently an Alpenglühen record label has followed, in which this thin line between light and darkness is continued to be explored. The first release came out back in 2017, and the next two EPs by Seraphim Rytm and Vand will follow shortly.

F-on made a vast impression on many attendants of the 2017 edition of Parallel festival, during which he provided an outstanding opening to a day and night filled with exceptional music. The Spaniard also has several gigs lined up in the near future. He will be playing tomorrow (18th of January) in Berlin at Farbfernseher, together with Laura BCR. On the 1th of February at Laut and on the 7th of the same month the next Alpenglühen event will take place, where he will also make a DJ appearence together with Leonid as guest.


Enjoy the meticulous 2 hour mix the Madrilenian has  prepared for us