Artist: Reeko / Jonas Kopp

Release: Realidades Holográficas I: Torre de Babel

Label: Semantica

Release date: 1st December 2018

The latest addition to the glistening back catalogue of techno from Madrid based Semantica is a split EP by Reeko & Jonas Kopp. The four track EP is a dance floor focused hypnotic trip that would get the crowd moving in any club scenario.

Realidades Holográficas I: Torre de Babel begins with Introducción Gradual De La Tiranía, a spaced out club directed tune. Panned hypnotic melodies weave in and out of frame over an thumping beat. The tension is increased with hi hats and rides which pump energy into the song, with rising melodies lifting above the hypnotic sounds previously established.

Dependencia De Poder continues on the path that was previously set, with a steady beat laid under some ticking percussion. Filtered melodies are introduced to the mix to add some depth. Slowly, Reeko & Jonas Kopp reduce the filter to release an intense rising hypnotic tone. As the hypnotic tones come to the forefront they are harmonised to add extra intensity. This track would work very well to bring a DJ set to a plateau.

Confundiéndolos has a deeper sound to it, with a thumping kick drum laid under some very mechanical notes. This track is probably the most straight forward techno track from Reeko & Jonas Kopp, and shows that sometimes simplicity can be rewarding, as the unique approach they take to crafting a deeper track shows their talent as producers abundantly. Confundiéndolos makes for a brilliant listen as it is simplistic in its approach to get the listener to dance.

Confundiéndolos (Synth Version) is a brilliant edit of the previous track, with a lot more colour and depth added to the mix. Reeko & Kopp have a talent for melody as shown all over this EP, and this track is no different. The brilliant framework laid down in the previous track is added upon with select mindfulness which is auspicious and brings the EP to a close with decorum.

Semantica have again selected brilliant producers to add to their already amazing catalogue of records. Reeko & Jonas Kopp have made a record that is as exhilarating from the moment it starts to the moment it ends. Anyone who’s into the tripped out sounds of Midgar would love this EP. Each track on it has the potential to change the atmosphere of a party for the better if played at the right time.