Monument is glad to share a mix of the second release in Informa Records Formation V/A series, showcasing some of the label’s favourite artists and friends.

8 tracks from Deepbass & Ness, Svarog, Massa, Giorgio Gigli, Repart, Deepbass & Craft, Wrong Assessment and Ben Gibson all fitting within the Informa concept of deep, hypnotic and atmospheric techno.

The mix made by the label-boss Deepbass clearly highlights the contrast between the different tracks. While some carry more uplifting and soothing melodies while remaining hypnotic, such as Svarog’s Mavka and the collaboration between Deepbass and Ness; Edo, others can be considered a bit more psychedelic and raw such as Giorgio Gigli’s Stone or Repart’s Svengali. These contrasts create a cohesiveness in the release as well as the mix, continuously stimulating the listener’s brain with new and fresh sounds.


Deepbass & Ness – Edo
Svarog – Mavka
Massa – Ether (Element)
Giorgio Gigli – Stone
Repart – Svengali
Deepbass & Craft – Persistance
Wrong Assessment – Useless Lights
Ben Gibson – Soliloquy


Release date: December 17.