In October 2018 Monument premiered in total 15 fresh tracks of world’s best techno. Here are all of them, combined for you – what is your favourite?

Surt – Tiber [NORTHALLSEN]

The Italian producer Surt (@Iam-Surt) releases an EP with Colombian @NorthallsenRecords. The Flumen EP consists of five tracks, the last one being a remix by the label boss Aleja Sanchez herself.


The Parisian artist @Blndr releases an EP with @IntervisionParis label. The six-tracker takes a glimpse on the producer’s experiemental side, and it features remixes from Acronym, Bambounou and Paulie Jan.

Memorial Home – Second Floor (Edit Select Remix) [RAPID EYE MOVEMENT]

The Spanish Rapid Eye Movement releases an EP featuring original tracks by the label’s co-founders Memorial Home and VII Circle, now remixed by Nur Jaber, Reggy van Oers, Wrong Assesment and Edit Select.

Joachim Spieth – Introspect [AFFIN]

Already celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, the German imprint @Affin releases an EP from the label boss @JoachimSpieth himself. Monument premieres track “Introspect” from the release consisting of three hypnotising cuts, one of them a remix by Ukrainian Svarog.

Asfa – Laryo [WAROK MUSIC]

Parisian artist and @Otiumrec co-founder Asfa delivers a beautiful ambient techno EP for his first release abroad. Laryo is a very subtle track that gathers soft deep techno beats and dreamy aerial elements.

Exium – Immune Response [POLEGROUP]

Spanish duo @Exium, formed by Tensal and Kessell, drop “A non-cellular EP” on Oscar Mulero‘s @PoleGroup.

Dig-It – Boson de Gauge [ILLEGAL ALIEN RECORDS]

The Mexican producer Dig-It (@digitdgt) releases an EP with a fellow Mexican label @Illegal-Alien-Records. The release consist of five tracks,  “Boson de Gauge” also remixed by Aleja Sanchez.

Vardae – Level 0 [COSMIC WAVE RECORDS]

For the third release of Cosmic Wave Records, commands are given to French artist Vardae for a journey into planet Earth deepest borehole – SG3 – that has been dug by the Soviet Union in the 70’s and 80’s. Level 0 (for 0m), which emphasizes the hope and curiosity that soviet drillers could feel when they started drilling, using uplifting and peaceful harmonies on pads conducted by subtle rhythms and groovy basses.

Takaaki Itoh – Pural Present [END OF PERCEPTION]

Newly founded label @EndOfPerception has already delivered two V/A releases combining tracks by fresh talents and established names. The label’s third instalment is no exception, as it’s featuring dark and hypnotic cuts from Takaaki Itoh, Refracted, Shaded Explorer, Felix Fleer, Barks and MTRL.

Ossa di Mare – Anomalous Cepheid [DYNAMIC REFLECTION]

Hailing from Berlin and London, the @Ossa-di-Mare duo releases “Cepheid EP” with @Dynamic-Reflection label that celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Insen – Masquerade [NESIN]

The newly founded Portuguese @NesinRecords is back with its second release, also this time by the label founder @InsenMusic. Monument premieres track Masquerade, that is inspired by South Korean landscapes the artist experienced during his trip.

Claudio PRC – Nitido (Aleksi Perälä remix) [SEMANTICA]

Released in 2017 with @Semantica-Records, Volumi Dinamici marks as @ClaudioPRC‘s second album. Almost two years later Semantical brings back two cuts from the album, now remixed by Aleksi Perälä and the label boss Svreca together with Blazej Malinowski. The third track of the release is Dino Sabatini‘s and Claudio PRC‘s collaboration, that was not a part of the original vinyl release.

Latmos – Pool of Intuition (Samuli Kemppi remix) [BLACKLABEL DISTILLERY]

The Finnish space techno pioneer and half of Deep Space Helsinki, @SamuliKemppi launches a new label together with Toronto-based Fredrik Hatsav. The first release of @BlackLabelDistillery is Finnish @Latmos‘s EP, featuring remixes by Mike Parker and the label boss Kemppi. Read more about Kemppi’s new label from his interview with Monument.

Eric Axelsson – Veil

Swedish podcast platform and label @Substantiv releases a massive compilation of 45 tracks. All profits from the compilation go directly to Swedish Amnesty to support their work against LGBTQIA-phobia.

The PRONOMINA compilation features unreleased tracks for example from Ness, Refracted, Arnaud Le Texier, Wrong Assesment as well as many upcoming producers such as Swedish @Eric-Axelsson-1. The label head Peter Theodor Ramprasand tells more about the project in his interview with Monument.

Mike Parker – Trireme [SUBOSC LTD]

The @SuboscLTD label is back with an impressive release featuring timeless, experimental and sophisticated sounds made by r²π (, PRG/M and Ruhig) and Mike Parker. Monument premieres track Trireme by Parker (@Geophone), who is in charge of the releases A-side.