Artist: Uun

Release: Beyond The Veil Of Ignorance

Label: No Future But What We Make

Release date: 30th August 2018


No Future But What We Make is a new Berlin-based label formed by Juho Kusti (Deep Space Helsinki, Parabel) and Ville Vähäsaari (Rezonanz). Detroit-based rising talent Uun(Mord, Ego-Death) shine on the A-side & Boston 168 (Involve, Odd Even) put forward a melancholy club-ready remix on the B-side.

Veil of Ignorance EP sees Uun continue to impress following a hot streak of releases in 2017 and 2018. I Remain Hidden sets the tone of the record. An irregular , thumping kick drum anchors the track initially. Distant hi-hats flutter overhead, like bats flying around a cave.

Uun creates an icy, cold atmosphere by eventuating moody resonance. This is spaced perfectly among well constructed percussive intervals. Murmurs are heard in the background among a blissful vocal, met with crystalline melodies that shimmer against a darkened backdrop. Uun’s wonderful sound design gleams on this track.

Uun increase the intensity on Beyond The Veil Of Ignorance. Intrinsic elements of texture are weaved together to create an atmosphere of eerie beauty. Twinkling melodies hang overhead to juxtapose the shadowy undercurrent. A faster tempo makes the track perfectly suited for a sound system in a club.

This works perfectly among the work of artists such as Yan Cook (Arts, Soma, Delsin) and Artefakt (Delsin, Field, Deep Sound Records). Uun’s ability to make beautiful deep techno that balances heaviness and elegance is evident here.

For the B-Side of this record No Future But What We Make have acquired Boston 168 for remix duties. Boston 168’s remix of Beyond The Veil Of Ignorance features their signature sound – acid. Dark, deep melodies are placed over a thudding beat, while a distant siren sound increases the intensity in the periphery.

The source material for this remix makes for a more somber and pensive number than their usual work. Aside from some reverberating percussion and an occasional swell, Uun’s production does not re-emerge until the closing section of the track. Boston 168 cleverly use Uun’s swirling chord stabs and swells to end the EP on an epic high.

In summation, The Veil Of Ignorance is a phenomenal record for a label debut. The bar has been set very high for No Future But What We Make. The label is one to keep an eye on in the future.

Uun display a natural talent for percussive spacing with these two tracks. Deep booming beats are juxtaposed with incandescent melodies, resulting in a marriage fit for any deep techno set. Boston 168’s remix on the B-side makes for a great pensive acid track.