Monument is glad to present a label showcase by the acclaimed Polegroup, mixed by Oscar Mulero, Exium and Reeko as Selección Natural. Please enjoy the mix, as well as the interview that was conducted with them.

1. Tell us how and when did you start the label?

PoleGroup was established as a label in 2004, but in 2010 it became an artist platform as a continuation of a musical project called Selección Natural that Oscar Mulero, Exium, Reeko and Christian Wünsch (who is no longer a member of the project or the label) had started a couple of years earlier.

The releases consisted of one track made by one of the artists and then remixed by the other three. The result was released by the label of the original artist.

2. What is the inspiration behind the label?

The gathering of a few friends with a very similar view of music; music that is repetitive, hypnotic and abstract. The kind of techno we like, basically.

3. Please describe the PoleGroup sound.

As I was saying, it’s what we call true techno: dark, hypnotic and elegant music that does not give in to trends.

4. During your active years since starting in 2004, please describe how the label has evolved?

The evolution since 2004 has been constant and it’s always been linked to technological advances in the field of production. The main goal remains the same as it was at the beginning: quality techno for the soul and for the dance floor. But there isn’t only one way to get there.

5. Some general PoleGroup highlights during the years?

There have been many. Some of our PoleGroup parties at Trésor and Concrete come to mind, or the showcases we did at ADE, Sónar and other important festivals. We’ve also had PoleGroup nights at Lanna Club in Gijón, which is like a second home to us.

The box we released in 2015 to celebrate the label’s fifth anniversary, as well as some important records. In these eight years we’ve been included in the record cases of many DJs.

6. You just celebrated your 50th release. Can you name some specifically important or memorable releases you have put out during the years?

Without a doubt, the best ambassadors have been the albums of all the members, but we must not forget some important collaborations with artists such as Rolando, Silent Servant, Kanding Ray, Stanislav Tolkachev or SHXCXCHCXSH.

7. How does your future look like ? News, future goals ?

We will continue to release the work of our main members and we will also incorporate new talents to our platform, same as we’ve always done. We consider it our responsibility to open the label to younger artists, because we’re aware of the space we’ve made for ourselves in the scene, and we want to retain our place in it.

8. This mix is made as Selección Natural, could you please describe the Selección Natural concept ?

The concept stems from the original idea of natural selection. However, the newest releases have gone further and now all the tracks on the records are composed by the four remaining original members of the label: Oscar, Juan, Valentín and Héctor. Each of us started three tracks and the other three finished one each. This way we all have a direct impact on the whole album.

9. Something specific you want to tell about this label mix? Why these tracks?

They are all recent tracks, from the last couple of months. Some were still completely new when they were recorded, but the idea was for all of them to showcase the PoleGroup sound in a one-hour mix.

10. Something else you want to share with Monument, what?

Just that we hope that our music will continue to contribute something to the techno scene and that people will keep enjoying our work, particularly Selección Natural and the special gigs we will dedicate to it.
Good bye!



Oscar Mulero – Dying asteroid
Kølpøs – Fractal (PEARL remix)
Exium – Noncellular life
Kuf & Dold – Mint
Albert Chiovenda – The affected one
Kwartz – Drama
Lewis Fautzi – Modern humans
Steve Bicknell – Patterns of suppression
Arweenn – Overrun ( Stanislav Tolkachev pure bass remix)
Exium – Immune response
Oscar Mulero – Wandering nowhere
Sigha – Gliss
Steve Bicknell – Space 13
Head Dress – Haymaker
Selección Natural – Random mutations
Oscar Mulero – Unveiling of reality
Selección Natural – Hox genes
Selección Natural – Necton
Danilenko – Apathy and Indifference