Uun is known primarily for his intense productions on labels like Mord and his own label Ego Death, but if you listen through his last handful of releases you will hear he has never been afraid to push the boundaries of his sound.

Never is that more on display that on his Exhumed Tapes II EP on Modern Cathedrals. In following with the theme of the label and more importantly the Exhumed series, Uun crafted four experimental and primarily broken beat tracks with eerily eroded textures.

The premiere we have today is the most esoteric of the bunch, with it’s stutter step kick pattern and sparse percussion, which makes space for the Tibetan singing and chanting which is front and center in the mix. The track explores the connection between these traditional forms of music that go back centuries and it’s modern contemporary counterpart in thoughtful techno. This is done in a way that both pays respect to the original material while also re contextualizing it. Exhumed Tapes II will be released on July 16th on limited edition cassette as well as digital.

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Photo by Ying Wu