Positive Centre is the Experimental Techno alias of British born Artist Mike Jefford. The artist combines analog machines with tape and effects processing to create hypnotic and textural techno music, something you can experience in this episode of the Monument podcast, recorded at Vurt Seoul earlier this year.

Mike Jefford started out producing electronic music and dj’ing in his hometown of Medway (UK). Growing up on
flourishing styles of alternative UK dance music that have influenced his sound, Jefford was involved in promoting parties in Brighton (UK) before relocating to Berlin to focus on his own projects.

In 2013 came the first of three Positive Centre releases on Sigha’s Our Circula Sound label concluding with his
debut album In Silent Series, of which his label takes its name. This was soon followed by his contribution to the
long running Monad Series on Stroboscopic Artefacts, plus EP’s for SNTS and Leyla.

In 2017, Positive Centre established the In Silent Series label to promote and cultivate releases that develop the
potential of textural sounds that reflect sonic landscapes.