Monument is happy to present all the premieres that have been featured on our SoundCloud in the month of May in 2018.

Deepbass – Dreaming Awake

Following his debut Campello LP, Deepbass returns with his second album Contact With The Machine, released with his own label Informa Records.

With eight tracks recorded in sessions of live jams, the UK-based artist takes more melodic approach to his soundscapes. As a result, the album grows into an uplifting, rhythmic, deep and atmospheric journey, whose powerful soundscapes are always evolving.

Monument is proud to preview a track number three from the album. Dreaming Awake is a prime example of evolving, rolling, melodic, hypnotic and deep elements, that characterise the Deepbass sound.

Xylème – Mind Power

From the ancient forests of Australia to the abyssal plain of the deep sea, Xylème – also known as 9beats – is a project mainly inspired by environment and earth observation. Through texture and ambient research, it tries to transmit the beauty & complexity of nature.

Deeply inspired by the artist’s trip to Himalaya, The Zanskar Experience is an 8-tracks journey that coherently settle an ambient atmosphere through subtle techno rhythms.

It has been tough work to pick only one track among these qualitative and highly-connected productions. Monument finally chose to introduce you Mind Power, a gentle yet powerful track which combines organic ambient pads with a deliciously measured groove.

L.B. Dub Corp – Night Time Hawk

L.B. Dup Corp, aka Luke Slater returns to his Mote-Evolver imprint with a full album that has received praise from producers like Inland, Shlømo and Francois X.

Monument is previewing ‘Night Time Hawk‘, a track with effervescent effects and bursts of white noise from ‘Side Effects LP‘.

Inland – Eminent Domain

Inland (Ed Davenport) ‘R-13’ release on Simone Gatte and Distant Echoes imprint Out-ER. ‘Eminent Domain‘, the second track on the 4 track release, is a percussive, stripped back piece with a emotive synth line morphing and shifting under the surface.

Ben Preisinger – Amandine

Monument premieres a track Amandine from Ben Preisinger’s, aka Benjamin Perényi’s debut EP, released with the Spanish Seven Villas Music.

The promising Hungarian producer creates a hypnotic and melodic journey with his track Amandine, and the general deep and melancholic mood stays true to the EP’s title throughout its seven tracks, including remixes from Patlac and the label head Pablo Bolivar.

Artefakt – Falling Into The Light

After their debut album Kinship, Artefakt returns to Delsin Records with Falling Into The Light EP.

Releasing music since 2012, the Dutch duo continues evolving their signature sound, and their latest release is a promising precursor for the launch of their own label later this year.

Monument premieres the releases title track, combining metallic elements and rattling effects that conclude the beautiful release.

SSTROM – Vinden

The Swedish experimental techno artist SSTROM releases his first solo LP Otider with Rösten label. The album is a result of a long process taking place between the years 2007 and 2017.

SSTROM is also known as the other half SHXCXCHCXSH. The duo’s sound is characterised as techno featuring for example industrial, noise and glitch elements combined with broken beats. Otider, instead, is a more light – yet experimental – example of SSTROM’s solo soundscapes.

Monument is previewing track Vinden from the LP. The organic, industrial and lo-fi track is a great sample of the coming release, that has been described as a combination of rediscovered experiences of the artist’s life.

Akt II – Akt III

The Swedish duo Akt II releases their debut EP 001 with the Dutch label Lateral Fragments.

Monument is previewing the closing track Akt III from the EP, that is defined by atmospheric, mysterious, dark and dubby soundscapes.

BLNDR – Mont Blanc

Monument is pleased to premiere the opening track of  BLNDR’s debut album L’Observatoire, coming soon on Hypnus Records. With this release, the Sweden-based record label explores new fields of electronic music, opening its catalogue to a more wistful and emotional sound.

Discover the story behind the album: ‎

Masafumi Take – Mikuni Kaido

Founded in 2017, Katharsis Recordings is back with their second release that features tracks from four timely Japanese artists, the label heads Masafumi Take and Kannabi as well as guests O-Ma and Ryogo Yamamori.

The Various Artists – Katharsis 002 EP is a unique mix of modern techno that combines ambient, melodic, psychedelic and deep sounds providing an intense trip, finished by Yamamori’s intense track Yoake.

Monument previews Take’s delicate and melodic track Mikuni Kaido, that opens the release.